Sisonke Surf Club was founded by Alvin Mtatshi in 2013 and is based on the Northern Beach of Durban.

Sisonke means “we are together” with the vision of a multi racial and demographically equal country that is South Africa.

Alvin is a quiet, measured guy who thinks before he speaks.

He, with the help of a few switched on people, has created a club that serves many purposes.

His mentorship, organizational skills and leadership are playing a big role in propelling our sport into new communities and he’s touching the lives of many young surfers.

In Alvin’s words:

We want to equally represent the rich heritage and diversity of South Africa in our surf club across all cultures, genders and races.

Developing grass root surfers into future champions. The club uses surfing as a tool to open the minds of the youth and our mission is to offer the best possible future so as to prepare individuals for the challenges of everyday life.

Sisonke guides and mentors the surfers on their surfing journey.

Sisonke surf club is a KwaZulu-Natal based community group that provides opportunities for boys and girls to learn to swim, learn to surf and eventually become surfing champions.

“We’re changing lives one board at a time”

*Extend a helping hand

*Solid surfing 

*Swimming coaching 

*Life skills

*Mentoring groups of surfers in Durban, Trafalgar and Umzumbe on the South Coast of KwaZulu – Natal.

Sisonke strives for equal opportunity and welcome any person who wants to be a part of surfing to join our club.

Sisonke surf club supports surfing in South Africa with particular interest in developing the young black surfing talent of the future by creating the opportunities for surfers to learn to surf, develop their surfing and compete in surf contests.

We are supporting surfers of color who have the talent and drive to compete and are hoping that one of these surfers will get enough time in the contests and gain experience which will be a stepping stone and motivator for our members to keep working towards success in changing the demographics of the winners podium in South African competitive surfing. 

Goals include fund raising to help our members to attend international contests and building sisonke into a world class surf club that is able to develop talent into successful competitive surfers.

We often fund raise for a  particular need such  as wetsuits or surfboards and general surfing equipment these are expensive items.

We also fund raise to send our members to contests.

We often find ourselves in need of vehicular transport that we can fit all our equipment and surfers.

We take donations and show you how we spend the money you donate. Every person who donates to us receives a full break down of their money spent.

Our surf school

Learning about the ocean is a science and a necessity if you want to improve your surfing and stay safe while doing it. In a surfing lesson with sisonke you will learn more than just how to stand up,our coaches are there to give you inside tips on how the ocean works and how to master it so you can enjoy your days  in safety and have a barrel of fun along the way. If you want to really learn to surf the right way choose an option that suits you and let’s get out there together!

*group surf lessons 

*private surf lessons 

*ladies surf lessons 

*sisonke surf groms 

*school holiday programs

*learn to swim program- learn to surf program

All ages 

Don’t be shy! We take people surfing aged from 4 years old to 94 years. There is fun for the whole family and we tailor individual programs for you.


We only use the best softboards and wetsuits to maximum the comfort of our clients.  All equipment Is included with every lesson.

Qualified coaches

All of our coaches are qualified through ISA and surfing south Africa. They hold a lifeguard award.

Best practice 

We operate under the surfing south Africa code of excellence and we deliver programs that provide maximum improvement, fun and safety.

Exclusive beaches 

Exclusive access to north beach,bay beach, new pier means we have option to surf great waves everyday.

We are professional beach bums!

Having good fun in the sun is what we are all about what better way to spend your days than hanging at the beach with friends, riding waves ,staying healthy and safe and just generally enjoying life?

 A Gallery of pics from previous events that Sisonke Surf Club have run have run.

CONTACT ALVIN ON +27 (O)63 520 1546