A Boardtalk feature

written by Sean Coppin


C-Jay Posthumus a local Port Elizabeth youngster who developed a passion for surfing from driving past the beach on a daily basis and without any other family members been involved in surfing. Not the general norm!  C-Jay is very likable  humble and well mannered youngster with an extreme passion to surf. 

C-Jay first appeared in BT vol 6 after making the EP Team as a 11 year old with a follow up profile done in Vol 8. Literally we are in the process of watching him grow up and making his way through the ranks. He’ll competing in the 2018 Sea Harvest SA Junior Champs in the u14 division this weekend. ( Go grab it boy !)

The fantastic support he gets from his family to pursue his passion is really amazing! His mom Petro has been a solid and tireless contributor to the Boardtalk over the years as well as always shooting his sessions, carting him around to all the various comps with his entourage of surfing buddies.

What a classic example of spreading the stoke !! 

C-Jay is well looked after by NMBS as well as Thys Strydom from Rebel Surfboards who sorts all those classic little sticks he rips on ! 



When did you start surfing?

When I was 8 years old I went for one surf lesson with a friend over the Easter holidays. I got up on the first wave. I thought WOW. The following year (when I was 9) I signed up for surf lessons because no-one in my family surfs and I really needed to get out there. 

Why did you start?

I  drive past the beach every day on my way to school. Many mornings I would see the surfers out at Millers, then one night, I had a dream about surfing and the next morning waking up I thought, I wanna try this. A few days later the thought stuck:  I need to give it a try.

Two weeks into my surf lessons I told my Mom that I want to make the EP team before grade 7 (13 years) – I ended up making the team a bit before that when I was 11 years old.

I am hooked and doubt that I will ever stop.

Your trek through the ranks from the early grom days to now?

I entered my first competition, the Sunset night surfing Classic, in December 2014 at Pollock beach.  That was scary and exciting at the same time.  I ended up getting a third and remember being so stoked.

In January 2015, NMBS had their EP Closed and I won the U10 boys division.  This gave me the confidence to enter the grom trials that same year.  I made first seed for the u/11 boys, getting a joint fifth place at the SA Grommet Games 2015.  I surfed a few u/10 SAST events and ended being rated second in u/10 division.

In 2016 I made the NMBS grom team again.  I won the u/12 division at the SA Grommet Games 2016. This was something I worked hard for, surfing Pipe every day in even the worst conditions.  This same year I made the NMBS Junior team in the u13 division (I was still 11 years old).

Last year (2017) I got a joint fifth at the SA Junior Champs in the u/12 division and I ended the year with a PST rating of second place.

Now it is 2018, I have not entered many contest. So I’m stoked to have made the NMBS junior team for the third time.

Your best results so far?

Winning the u12 grom champ title at the SA Grommet Games in 2016.

Getting an overall second in the 2017 Billabong Junior Series as well as a PST rating of second place in the u/12 division.

Must be lekka to have mom on board all the time with the photos and support?

I probably take it for granted because I can’t remember a time when she hasn’t been standing on the beach, rain or sunshine supporting me. She started taking photos to kill the time. She always says it is a win-win situation for the both of us.

Having photos to go back to is a really good way to see where I can improve my surfing.



Your favourite surf spot and why?

Around the PE area I enjoy surfing at the spots on the Wild Side because it usually isn’t crowded.  Vic Bay is another favourite.

Best wave EVER?

I am still waiting for a wave to call “My Best Wave Ever”.

 Your heroes in surfing?

Filipe Toledo for his explosive surfing and sick style.

Future Goals and ambitions?

I want to train hard and be the best surfer that I can be, having fun all the way on every wave.  I would definitely also like to wear the SA green and gold blazer one day, representing South Africa at an international event.

What boards have you been riding?

Since my grom game days, I have been riding boards from Rebel Surfboards

Next big thing in SA surfing?

Without a doubt the Olympic Games in 2020.

Stoked be growing up on the East Coast?

Hmmm, that is a tough one.  In PE, where I live, we are not spoilt with waves.  Luckily JBay is around the corner.

Your role model?

Definitely Christo Zietsman and Dane River Cox.  I met them when they were students (±2015).  Today Christo is married and lives in Singapore while Dane lives in New Zealand.  They have been a big influence in my life while they lived in PE, always taking me surfing, challenging me, introducing me to different surf spots and encouraging me to do my best. We still keep in touch.  Another role model is Luqmaan for sure.

Shout out and thanks?

My parents for being my number 1 supporter; Thys from Rebel Surfboards; Gary from Boarding South Africa

It has been a privilege and stoke for Boardtalk to document his achievements so far and wish C-Jay all the very best in his surfing journey.

We will continue to expose the talent and progression over the coming years as he grows up, hoping to see big things still from this youngster !

Make Boardtalk & NMBS proud !! 

Thanks to Sean and Boardtalk for their support and their stoke.

Editors Note:

Kitchen Window’s ‘People who Surf” section is about finding the stories and surfers who make the South African surfing scene such an interesting and diverse sub-culture. More to come.