Travis Logie was one of Barry’s most significant acquisitions at Quiksilver. Besides enjoying a decade on the CT, he has become the WSL QS commissioner.

If you’re thinking that your sponsorship is some kind of recognition of greatness and you can sit back, do nothing and have the glory wash over you, best thing to do is



Ask Barry Wolins how many surfers he’s sponsored directly in the three decades that he’s been involved in the surf wear industry, he has to give the question some thought. There are so many that he probably wouldn’t know the exact number.

Top surfers from all around the world have felt his influence. You might call him a skeptic, but he knows how it works. Committing pen to paper and getting big hitters or the youngest wide eyed lightie to sign up is always a lottery. Will the surfer in question be competitively successful? It takes two to tango in any sponsorship deal. A relationship is started. In the nineties the likes of MCD were chucking out a ‘rebel without a cause’ bad-ass vibe. Those days are over. Values like integrity, dedication, mental application, loyalty and commitment are, like every other sporting activity the attributes that are required from the sponsored athlete.


How many surfers have you sponsored?  

How many have I sponsored? Directly – phew I don’t know but a lot. Indirectly, by being involved in global companies – a lot more .

The ones I am most proud of are:

Rosy Hodge – she was this little grom from East London with shaggy hair and she ripped. She used to beat all the boys and was so stoked. Rosy comes from a very close surfing family and community in East London. She is the female version of Pat O’Connell. Always happy, always stoked to surf and talk to people. She made friends with everybody on tour, her competitors her sponsors and her fans.
If ever there was a good ambassador for South Africa and Roxy it was Rosy, and the fact that she rips, and is gorgeous made her extremley marketable.

I am so proud of where she is today and what she has achieved.

Jason Ribbink – he was a skinny lifesaver from Durban Surf, not the best surfer on the team at the time, but he always tried hard, was ridiculously competitive and became one of SA’s greatest watermen. Short board SA Champ , Longboard SA Champ, second in Worlds long boarding. One of SA pioneers in big wave surfing, and still New Pier standout.  

Sometimes he’s overly competitive – during the finals at Worlds in 2002 he was winning the heat easily, saw the guy in second place paddling for a set, frothed and dropped in on him. An interference dropped him to second. One of my closest friends. 

Brandon Jackson – Absolutely ripped, one of the smartest surfers (along with Travis) and one of the few surfers who regularly came to the offices to say hi and ask if we needed help with anything.

He helped with photo shoots and marketing as was always there if we needed him to take overseas surfers or associates surfing or shopping. He ended up working full time for Quik when he stopped doing the tour. He still competes and beats most kids he sponsored.

Travis Logie – In my opinion besides being one of the best surfers ever to come out of Durban he was also the unluckiest. I saw Travis so many times lose by a fraction of a point, that it seemed clearly at the time he wasn’t flavour of the month.

I remember speaking to Pottz and Jake Patterson about it, and the consensus was Travis did too many turns too quickly and the judges couldn’t see or remember how critical they were.

Beyrick De Vries – He had / has the most potential out of all the “New Crew”. Beyrick is a determined young man, and could never take criticism from me well.

I don’t think Beyrick liked me very much but Beyrick has always had buckets of talent and is an amazing surfer. He turned out fine!

Included in the people I was involved with are :

Kelly, Danny Wills, Jake Patterson, Rosy Hodge, Lisa Anderson, Dane Reynolds, Jason Ribbink, Craig Anderson. Mick Campbell, Matt Hoy, Mikey February, Tom Curren, Tom Carroll, Ross Clark Jones, Frankie, Shane Beschen, Jeremy Flores, Shane Thorne, Michael Varikas, Ant Scott, Richard Edy, Justin Matteson, Mathew Moore, Dane Patterson, John Shimooka, Damien Hardman, Gigs Cilliers, Pat O’Connell, Beyrick De Vries, Dave Hansen, Raymond Robertson, Craig Els, Heather Clark plus so many others. 



Five tips to sponsored surfers:

1. Remember that doing what you are doing is a blessing and people look at you and up to you. Be humble and represent your sponsors with integrity. Make them proud and stoked that they chose you.

2. Never ever go surfing or to the beach without sponsors stickers on your boards (in the right place) or without wearing the newest product they have given you.

3. Be active on social media and always hashtag and mentioning your sponsors on all your posts. Remember to share.

3. Don’t be a dick in the water, be helpful to groms and beginners. I remember a dad who came and bought 3 wetsuits, some board shorts and a board from us at Quik, because Jason Ribbink helped his grom, who was learning to surf at New Pier one day.

4. If you see an industry person in the water, don’t try and overly impress them when they’re paddling out. I had an instance when, while paddling out,  this kid tried to do an air over me and ended up slicing the tail of my board off .

5. Consider your sponsorship the same way you would a job. Because, in reality it is.