My decades of travels through the mysterious world of photography has taken me down the path discovery. Lost and found in the brilliance in the back streets, halfway to Hollywood.

Last Saturday morning in the middle of a frontal storm, when the beaches were awash I met with Mark Lanning to talk story. We were originally going to meet at Durban Surf LC but Mark and his buddy were turned away with venom by the keeper of the gate, JJ for not being true blue or for being a little different. No worries, we went to the Wimpy and had a memorable hour or two talking about all things photography.

Needless to say, I regard Mark’s work as serious street/beach photography. Serious and inspirational. The most significant, for me, is that most of the pictures below are shot on an iPhone. Imagine that. A man who owns a R450K digital Hasselblad shoots his beach portraits using a phone! It helps to relax the subject. Unobtrusive and engaging. Mark also uses Fujifilm compact camera with all the logos taped up for the same reason.

Mark’s background is advertising photography at the very high end of the scale. I met him at one of the Holmes Brothers contests and we’ve kind of kept in touch. His work for that brand is cracker jack.

Please view these pictures, they really depict Durban Beach Culture circa 2018.

Mark Lanning