At KW, we’re so stoked to be able to feature another Cape Town based photographer, especially one of Kim Bouchier’s ilk. Kim’s work juxtaposes the serene beauty of the ‘Cape So Faire’ and the ferocity of those massive Atlantic Ocean swells as they reach the end of their journey. Take a look. © all Kim Bouchier.

Kim Bouchier

Having grown up in East London, Kim’s deep love of the ocean led to her spending many hours on Nahoon Beach and the Wild Coast.

Her love for surf photography started in Cape Town in 2014.  Initially from land and then big wave Surfing at Dungeons and Sunsets. The first few times she didn’t sleep the night before due to nerves and also knowing she had to be up before dawn to make the rubber duck leaving from Hout Bay.

She has huge respect for the surfers, the safety crew and their skills and dedication. These men and women have trained to survive repeated hold downs but she finds herself holding her breathe till they come up and clear the impact zone.

As a Mom of teenage daughters, and a husband who is often away on business travels, it is a constant challenge for Kim to juggle a busy schedule and somehow find the time for her photography. Big wave surf photography is very much reliant on the right conditions so other appointments get frantically cancelled or rescheduled as the swell arrives.  Whilst Dungeons and Sunsets rank amongst the top large wave venues in the world, both Mavericks and Nazare are very much on her bucket list.