Spreading the Stoke

Louis Wulff and Sean Coppin, two of the Eastern Cape’s finest do Boardtalk Magazine.

Sean Coppin

“Luckily I do it home so the dogs dont bark at me and the kids dont call me uncle!”

Sean is based in Port Elizabeth where he runs a graphic design studio but his passion lies deep in bowling pits and scooting down long feathering walls.

Louis Wulff

For the last couple of decades Louis Wulff has owned East London and surrounds. His photographic work almost defines the region when it comes to surf.

Getting in the water with a housing in those ominous waters is as sketchy as it comes. There are some big critters lurking. Initially he worked off a bodyboard, but nowadays he uses a jetski to get into those enviable positions that define his pics and make them very much his own.

Louis uses a Canon cameras almost exclusively. A 5D Mark 3 plus a few others, a top range of lenses from fisheye to a 500mm F4 . His water work is done in a SPL housing See his portfolio and read his interview here. https://kitchenwindow.co.za/louis-wulff/

Pat Flanagan writes ‘I tried publishing a surf magazine back in the day. I failed. It’s a heartbreaker. You need big stones and perseverance to the point of stubbornness. Hundreds of photos to edit, thousands of words to write and having to deal with errant contributors who don’t understand the concept of a deadline. All in a day’s work. But that’s not all. Doing layouts when everyone else is fast asleep then ass kissing advertisers who are trying their best to duck your calls. Then there’s the print process that can be another lottery. After that, distributing the mags, getting the cash and keeping a smile on your face through the process. To add insult to injury, batting calls from some errant mom who is pissed off that her beloved is not on the cover or at least in the mag.”

Sean Coppin is the bag man for Boardtalk. He lives through all this. My first question to him was:

Doing the mag – awesome or tiresome? 

“It only gets tiresome when the Red Bull and Sambucca runs out!”

How did it get started?

“We decided to start Boardtalk and 2010 was our first ever issue – a 16 page newsletter for EP surfing to spread the stoke! Denno was our first editor but could not cope with the demands. (Haha, too busy shaping.) After a few issues it got better but the financial burden took it’s toll and Boardtalk sort of stalled.

The passion and love never died. I restarted in 2013 as the editor and plodded away producing a few issue but seemingly heading into oblivion with not much more perceived scope for growth (as we all know can happen in PE). Then along comes Louis Wulff with vast experience, bringing guidance and support. What a turnaround. Fast forward and we are becoming real. Spadework done.

“I have never seen it as a graft – we do it just for the love.”

Boardtalk is unashamedly a regional mag. Their area of influence spreads from the forgotten points and reefs of the Wild Coast in the east to the fabled breaks like St. Francis and J-bay in the west. Riches beyond reason. 

“Spreading the stoke and giving the local underground chargers some airtime.” 

And that they do so well. Everyone from ballies to groms and everyone in-between gets a shout. The magazine is teeming with stories, articles and pictures of a wide range of frothers. 

Advertisers who use the magazine as a vehicle to strut their products and services must be stoked. They have a very well targeted vehicle in Boardtalk, a magazine that really resonates with its readers. How could they go wrong. 

Boardtalk is for real. Keep it coming guys.




Photographic Contributions: Louis Wulff ( Chief Photographer); Pierre de Villiers; Kody McGregor; Sean Thompson; Petronel Posthumus; Tyrell Jordaan; Garth Robinson; Jean Goldstone; VaughanDeacon; Darryl Kukard; Sven Larsen; Ian Thurtell; Catherine Lee; Robbie Irlam; Riaan Human; AVG; Gerhard Engelbrecht; Werner van Schalkwyk; Al Harris; Deon Lategan; Grant Ruffel; Josh Coppin; Samantha Wright

Editorial: Sean Coppin; Louis Wulff; Sean Thompson; Garth Robinson; Robin de Kock; Graham Smith; Jono Bruton; Chris Stylianou; Kevin Du Plessis; Jacqueline Herbst; Leo Davis

Advertising and Marketing / Layout, Design & Concept & Publisher: Sean Coppin

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