SOUTH AFRICAN SURFING is flush with a myriad of people with tales to tell, waves to ride and ideas to explore.

Kitchen Window is hopefully the conduit through which these stories, waves and ideas will reach those interested in looking a little deeper into the heart of South Africa surfing.

THE BREAK, Kitchen Window is about right slap in the middle of the South African surfing map. A place where a whole new generation of wave riders are engaging with the ocean for the first time. So the name seems appropriate for many reasons, some of which will be revealed as we unfold our stories and pictures in the future.


WHERE THIS VENTURE GOES, how it goes, well nobody knows. Our promise is that we’ll put our heart and soul into each and every offering and we’ll never be influenced by commercial interests.

You can expect the same authenticity, integrity and delivery of the products that you find in our shop.


An interview with Jordy Smith & Damien Fahrenfort at the WSL Ranch Event in September 2018 conducted by Barry Wolins 

Lions Who Hunt in Elephant Land

Ian Armstrong

There’s a deep sense of being and purpose that this group of South African big water chargers emulate.

These attributes are so admirably portrayed by a set of Grant Scholtz photographs.

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Caitlen Moir

Jonny Paarman

Features & Interviews 

Barry Wolins Unfiltered

The Durban guy whose been at the helm of some of the biggest surfer enterprises. He’s seen it all, been there from the start and innovated ideas that are still around today. 


Spreading the Stoke!

Louis Wulff and Sean Coppin, two of the Eastern Cape’s finest are Boardtalk Magazine.

Before Pro Surfing was Born

How it all started. A brief history of surfing around the world and when the first waves were ridden at the Corner in Cape Town and Dairy in Durban.

Turn Up the Flame

Twenty first century surfer girl, Brittany Gadd is on a mission. She’s as passionate about riding waves. She’s also a new era surfer who cares deeply about preserving the natural resources that the ocean provides.

Pay Back the Money

Sponsorship and how it works in the real world of surf. A reality check with Barry Wolins, the guy whose sponsored more surfers than anyone around. Junior surfers need to read this!

Chad Dutoit

The any size, anytime, anywhere man tracks almost every swell with vigor. Even when others will he paddling for the horizon, he’ll turn and go every time.

Lions Who Hunt in Elephant Land

There’s a deep sense of being and purpose that this group of South African big water chargers emulate. Take a look at an amazing set of Grant Scholtz portraits of these quiet heroes.

Sisonke Surf Club

Under the leadership of Alvin Mtatshi, this club, started in 2013, has grown from a group of wave starved coastal groms into a top rated tag team outfit ready to take on the world.

Back to the Coast

A shifting line-up, not quite connecting, but offering a deep barrel for those on the take. Just what you’d expect on the coast in early May.



Featured Contributors

These three photographers knock it out the park. Check their portfolio/bio pages.


Louis Wulff

Louis Wulff

Surf Photographer

Robbie Irlam

Robbie Irlam

Surf Photographer

Neil Bradfield

Neil Bradfield

Surf Photographer


Boardtalk’s Sean Coppin talks to C-Jay Posthumus, the Windy City’s latest grom prospect.

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Playing for Keeps, Loser Weeps

Every significant surfing nation is paying a lot of attention to coaching juniors. So how’s it going here in SA?

= Shapers & Innovators =

Where we discuss the latest trends, retro rediscoveries and everything else to do with surf boards.

Shapers strut, claim or just express their theories.

Surf Photography Forum

A place where surf photographers can interact and discuss the latest gear and photo techniques.

September Winner!

We choose the most prolific and relevant grom in the land.

Boardtalk Magazine

Sean Coppin and & KW contributor, Louis Wulff are cooking up some sumptuous faire down in the Easter Cape. Their magazine, Boardtalk is full of vibrance and excitement about the people, waves and shapers of that  region. KW is looking forward to a great relationship with the mag. Read all about Boardtalk and how it comes together.

Other Cool Websites

South African Surfing Legends

Inspire, develop and mentor future generations of surfers through the celebration of our rich surfing heritage. Website about to be relaunched, Coming soon.


It’s been fifty plus years since I first picked up a marone Ken Ben surfboard and paddled out on a buster day at the Tramps in Durban